Create LLC Online

Create LLC Online

Is it Time to Create LLC Online?

Entrepreneurs around the country are looking more and more to online incorporation services to create their LLC (Limited Liability Company).  To create LLC online you need to follow three important steps:

1. Determine a name for the LLC

It starts with picking the name you want to operate your business as.  However, these days there is more than checking to see if someone else filed the name already.  In 2013, you need to look for any company who may have taken the name with the Secretary of States office, then check to see if the name is available with a domain registrar and last check to see if the name is available with all the social media sites.  You should also check to make sure no one has trademarked the name either.  You can use a service such as Trademarkia to know if there was a trademark filed.

2. Find a Service to Create LLC Online

There are many online services to create llc online.  You want to look at three factors when making your decision on who to work with.  First, you need a fair price for the online service to create the LLC.  Typically you will spend $99 – $399 for the online service to file the paperwork with the Secretary of State to create the LLC.  You’ll then pay extra for the online service to provide a Records Book or help in filing any documents with the IRS or to receive template agreements.  Second, you want to work with a reputable company.  Look for one that’s been around awhile.  Don’t go with someone to create LLC online if they have only been around a year or two.  Third, you want to check the customer service phone number.  Give them a call and see how quick they are to respond.

3. Create LLC  Online

Once you’ve chosen the online service provider it’s time to create the llc online.  You’ll need some basic information about how to create the LLC and how you want to structure it.  One thing you’ll want to be aware of is that LLC’s can have multiple ways of being taxed by the IRS.  You can choose to be taxed as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation.  If you are interested in having someone help in providing the information on the different ways to create a LLC online or the ways the LLC can be taxed, fill out the form below to have one of our representatives contact you.  You’ll usually receive a call within a few hours during the business day.

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  1. Bob Smith -Create LLC Expert says:

    Thanks for the information about how to create llc online. It’s good to know what the steps are.

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