LLC Fees by State

LLC Fees by State Chart

The LLC Fees by State are provided in the chart below.  In addition, to the LLC fees by state, you’ll find the Incorporation fees by state and Non-Profit Fees by state to file the Articles of Formation.

This chart will provide a guideline for the fees to create your LLC or Corporation within any state.  All fees are subject to change and can change without notice, according to the Secretary of State’s Office for each state.

LLC Fees by State



State Filing Fees

Government (Secretary of State) Filing Fees for Corporations, LLCs and Non-Profits. The fees include all processing fees, registration fees and in some states a walk-in fee. (Walk in fee is to have someone physically walk-in the paperwork.)
Current Turn Around Time
Alabama5-6 months$343$343$218
Alaska15-20 business days$250$250$80
Arizona10-15 business days$265$275$255
Arkansas5-10 business days$45$45$80
California35-40 business days$85$115$45
Colorado5-10 business days$50$50$50
Connecticut5-10 business days$255$385$110
Delaware5-10 business days$90$89$98
D.C.10-20 business days$220$220$130
Florida5-10 business days$125$70$70
Georgia15-20 business days$100$175$205
Hawaii10-15 business days$50$50$55
Idaho10-15 business days$130$130$60
Illinois10-15 business days$500$175$50
Indiana10-15 business days$88$88$60
Iowa10-15 business days$80$80$50
Kansas5-10 business days$160$85$50
Kentucky5-10 business days$60$70$58
Louisiana20-25 business days$100$115$145
Maine20-25 business days$205$175$70
Maryland10-15 business days$193$213$263
Massachusetts5-10 business days$520$265$40
Michigan15-20 business days$90$100$60
Minnesota10-15 business days$155$170$70
Mississippi10-15 business days$80$80$80
Missouri10-15 business days$50$88$70
Montana15-20 business days$100$100$50
Nebraska10-15 business days$190$130$85
Nevada10-15 business days$75$75$50
New Hampshire10-15 business days$130$130$55
New Jersey10-15 business days$125$125$90
New Mexico60-120 business days$80$130$55
New York5-10 business days$200$135$235
North Carolina15-20 business days$155$155$155
North Dakota5-10 business days$155$130$70
Ohio15-20 business days$155$155$155
Oklahoma15-20 business days$100$52$55
Oregon5-10 business days$100$100$50
Pennsylvania5-10 business days$125$425$425
Rhode Island5-10 business days$150$230$65
South Carolina2-4 weeks$140$240$115
South Dakota5-10 business days$180$180$80
Tennessee5-10 business days$350$150$150
Texas5-10 business days$300$300$50
Utah10-15 business days$100$100$60
Vermont10-15 business days$155$155$155
Virginia10-15 business days$106$81$111
Washington15-20 business days$260$230$110
West Virginia5-10 business days$130$95$55
Wisconsin10-15 business days$130$100$65
Wyoming10-15 business days$130$130$55


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